Felix Gonzalez-Torres
"Untitled" (Fortune Cookie Corner), 1990
Fortune cookies, endless supply
Overall dimensions vary with installation
Original installation: approximately 10,000 fortune cookies

Curated by Andrea Rosen

May 25 - July 5, 2020

Press Release


We are grateful for all of the nearly 400 participants in this exhibition and we continue to work to represent all of the "places" on this page. In the meantime, we are happy to present the following selection of “places” in the total “site.”


Below is a selection of installations and interactions by individuals and organizations who were not official invitees. While these installations are not formally the work, we are interested in how the nature of the work and this exhibition lays the ground for these choices and the meaningful questions and content they contribute. We look forward to finding other examples of such installations.

All images featured have been shared by participating places, as well as gathered from social media. To the best of our knowledge, all images are taken and credited to the participants unless otherwise noted.